December 30, 2021

Lab notes: December 2021

Ben Moskowitz

Director, Digital Lab at Consumer Reports

CR investigates impact of Amazon’s rapidly expanding warehouse network across the U.S.

  • CR’s recent investigation uncovered the disproportionate impact of Amazon’s expansion of giant warehouses on low-income communities and communities of color. You can read more about the investigation in Gizmodo, New Republic, and The Verge or listen to interviews on Los Angeles news radio station KNX and San Diego NPR station KPBS.

CR evaluated the privacy and security of 16 VPNs

  • CR conducted an evaluation of 16 VPNs and found poor privacy and security practices, and hyperbolic claims made by the companies about their services. CR found that 12 of the VPNs either inaccurately represented their products and technology, or made exaggerated claims about the kinds of protection they provide users. We also spotlight the three top performing VPNs. You can read about our evaluation in Gizmodo. The full report and analysis can be found here.

Fake reviews are flooding the marketplace and misleading consumers

  • Our President and CEO, Marta Tellado, published an op-ed in USA Today that highlights the flood of fake online reviews in the marketplace and the need for government and businesses to step up.

Opportunity: work on data rights innovation with CR

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