Securing a common protocol for consumer data rights requests

I started working on privacy in 2017 when I joined a payments company called Stripe as a security engineer and helped us implement compliance with the EU’S GDPR. Since then, American companies have built increasingly complex and bespoke systems in order to comply with not just the GDPR but a spreading patchwork of domestic privacy laws like California’s CCPA.Under these

Introducing Permission Slip, the app to take back control of your data

Privacy is a right. This is a fact in many states, and it’s one of our fervent beliefs at Consumer Reports. But that doesn’t mean privacy is easy. Anyone who’s tried to make their digital life more private knows how much effort it requires. We create data in nearly every interaction we have with companies. Keeping track and chasing after

Introducing OSIRAA, a Test Suite for the Data Rights Protocol

Today the Innovation Lab is thrilled to launch a new testing app for the Data Rights Protocol: OSIRAA v0.5. The app is available on GitHub and ready for collaborators to use. OSIRAA stands for Open Source Implementers' Reference of an Authorized Agent. Members of the DRP consortium can use this app to test their implementation of the Data Rights Protocol,

New Paper: Opening Black Boxes: Addressing Legal Barriers to Public Interest Algorithmic Auditing

Every single day, algorithms are being used by institutions — from hospitals and schools to landlords and law enforcement — to make big decisions about us. In a new paper, Opening Black Boxes: Addressing Legal Barriers to Public Interest Algorithmic Auditing, we explore the "black box" nature of algorithms and how they can prevent meaningful explanations as to why algorithms

Opportunity: Customer Support, New Ventures

We’re seeking a customer support specialist to join Consumer Reports on a contract basis. This is a good opportunity for a mission-oriented professional who wants to experience a startup social enterprise, help bring experimental products to market, and help grow young products that show promise.Scope:You will be supporting Permission Slip and Upkept, two young products in CR’s New Ventures portfolio.As

Lab Notes: September 2022

Buyer Aware: Consumer Reports releases new book on consumer power Last week, Buyer Aware, CR's playbook for consumer power was officially released. You can click here to learn more about the book and its digital resource website that shows consumers how to make their time online safer and push for rule changes that require fairness in the digital world. Opting out of cookies may

Lab Notes: August 2022

FTC launches privacy rulemaking to provide privacy protections for Americans Earlier this month, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) announced it is moving forward with privacy rulemaking to address the issue of excessive data collection and use of personal information in the absence of a federal privacy law. CR joined over 40 organizations last year calling on the Commission to issue a privacy

An early look at how companies handle CCPA requests submitted by Authorized Agents

Under state laws like the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), consumers finally have a right to control what happens with their data. Under CCPA, consumers can enlist an authorized agent to help them exercise these rights, granting the agent authority to submit data requests to companies on their behalf. Consumer Reports believes privacy is a right all consumers deserve, and

Opportunity: Help CR design an IoT product labeling system

We’re looking for systems thinkers to help prototype and pilot a next-gen product labeling system. We’ll be filling contract and full-time roles starting this Fall. If you’re interested in working with CR on this, drop us a line at so we can explore how we might work together. In this note, we’re sharing some of our preliminary thinking to

Opportunity: Product Support

We’re seeking a product manager with technical expertise and a passion for privacy to join Consumer Reports on a contract basis. This is a good opportunity for a mission-oriented product professional who wants to experience a startup social enterprise and help bring an experimental product to market. Scope: You will be supporting Permission Slip, an experimental consumer product currently in

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