Category: Algorithmic justice

New Paper: Opening Black Boxes: Addressing Legal Barriers to Public Interest Algorithmic Auditing

Every single day, algorithms are being used by institutions — from hospitals and schools to landlords and law enforcement — to make big decisions about us. In a new paper, Opening Black Boxes: Addressing Legal Barriers to Public Interest Algorithmic Auditing, we explore the "black box" nature of algorithms and how they can prevent meaningful explanations as to why algorithms

The Data Nutrition Project: Healthy Data for Better Algorithms

As a product manager, I spend a lot of time poking around technology. Recently, I was experimenting with a particular algorithm and became curious about surname distribution in the United States. I wondered whether I could find lists of last names on the internet - you can find anything on the internet, right? My search led me to machine learning

Calling all public interest tech researchers!

Are you passionate about privacy, security, or digital rights? Do you work on consumer protection research or new methods to study the digital world? If so, keep reading! At CR’s (Consumer Reports) Digital Lab, we are now accepting applications for paid, non-resident fellows to uncover and solve for consumer harms in the digital world. This ten month fellowship provides a

Racial Discrimination in Algorithms and Potential Policy Solutions

As part of Black History Month, CR is highlighting some of the consumer issues that disproportionately affect Black communities. We have witnessed the troubling ways in which discrimination and bias from the analog world have migrated to the digital space. Algorithmic discrimination occurs when an automated decision system repeatedly creates unfair or inaccurate outcomes for a particular group. CR’s investigative reporters and