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CR’s Investigation into Broadband

CR announced new findings from a first-of-its-kind nationwide participatory broadband study conducted to better understand the true cost of Broadband across the U.S. These findings are the result of our Fight for Fair Internet project - a year long effort that had launched in 2021 with dozens of partner organizations across the country. So, what should you know from the

An Analysis of Broadband ISP Practices

With contributions from Jonathan Schwantes, Senior Policy Counsel, Consumer Reports Over the past 18 months the COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically, and in many respects permanently, altered our lives. Among the painful lessons of this period are two interrelated realizations. One, many vital elements of our lives, including work, education, and healthcare, are increasingly dependent on fast, reliable broadband internet service.

The Rise, Fall, & Return of the Consumer Broadband Label

With contributions from Laurel Lehman, Policy Analyst. Imagine you’re shopping for a new automobile, but as you go from car to car and dealership to dealership, the window stickers each look completely different. Some include a breakdown of the component charges and taxes, while others reveal just the bottom line. Some list the expected gas mileage, while others do not.