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New Report: Future of Memory Safety

In October 2022, Consumer Reports hosted an online convening to discuss ways to encourage widespread adoption of code written in memory-safe languages. The event gave participants the opportunity to share resources related to memory safety, discuss opportunities and barriers in the security ecosystem, and to brainstorm potential solutions to memory access vulnerabilities that exist in products across the marketplace. Roughly 60

Introducing Permission Slip, the app to take back control of your data

Privacy is a right. This is a fact in many states, and it’s one of our fervent beliefs at Consumer Reports. But that doesn’t mean privacy is easy. Anyone who’s tried to make their digital life more private knows how much effort it requires. We create data in nearly every interaction we have with companies. Keeping track and chasing after

Identity Verification: Why it matters for consumer privacy (1 of 2)

When we get a driver’s license, start a job, open a bank account, or start some other thrilling administrative event, most of us know we need to bring some identification. We’re prepared for the small headache of providing phone numbers, maiden names, and digging up paper documents. This is identity verification, the process of proving that you are actually you.

Identity verification: flows we’ve seen in CCPA data requests (2 of 2)

Identity verification is a critical part of exercising most data rights. Are you requesting a copy of your purchase history, or did an identity thief make the request? In part one of this series, we defined identity verification, explained its role in privacy law, and summarized what California privacy regulation says about verification. In this post, we’ll highlight some of

Opportunity: Security Engineering Support – Data Rights Protocol

We’re seeking a security engineer with a passion for privacy to contract with the Digital Lab team. This is a remote consulting opportunity for a seasoned engineer who wants to work on an open standards project and cares about advancing digital rights in the United States.   Scope: You will be supporting the security development of the Data Rights Protocol.

Designing a privacy policy for a privacy app

Image courtesy of Afsal and OpenIDEO’s Cybersecurity Visuals Challenge Consumers have privacy rights under the law, but it can be pretty hard to use them. CR research has shown just how many obstacles consumers face when they try to use state privacy laws to their advantage. The process needs to be easier. Permission Slip is our answer. It’s the app

Operation Dog Spit

This post shares some background on the challenges of testing direct to consumer DNA products, and how we met these challenges. One of the quandaries of privacy testing is that the process of testing often requires the tester to sacrifice privacy in order to run the test. This conundrum cannot always be ethically solved by creating a fake account --

Opportunity: R&D Program Support

We’re seeking a professional with great communication skills and a passion for privacy to join the Digital Lab team on a short-term contract basis. This is a good opportunity for an early career technologist who wants to work on an experimental product, or a mid- or late- career professional looking to get experience in public interest technology for the first

Opportunity: Freelance Engineering Support – Permission Slip

We’re seeking a full stack software engineer with an entrepreneurial spirit and a passion for privacy to provide contract engineering support to the Digital Lab team. This is a remote opportunity for a seasoned engineer who wants to work on an experimental product and cares about advancing digital rights in the United States. Scope: You will be supporting the closed

Watch CR’s Data Rights Roundtable co-hosted with the MIT Media Lab On October 19th, Consumer Reports co-hosted a virtual Data Rights Roundtable with MIT Media Lab to discuss an early draft of a data rights protocol that will create a standard method for consumers to exchange data requests with companies. You can view this virtual event here. We are inviting public review of our work to date. You can offer

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