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Opportunity: Security Engineering Support – Data Rights Protocol

We’re seeking a security engineer with a passion for privacy to contract with the Digital Lab team. This is a remote consulting opportunity for a seasoned engineer who wants to work on an open standards project and cares about advancing digital rights in the United States.   Scope: You will be supporting the security development of the Data Rights Protocol.

Consumer Reports Finds Risky Permissions, Security Concerns In All Five Printer Manufacturers

CR Urges Companies to Improve Products to Protect Printer Security on Local NetworksWhile office printer security has been a topic of concern for businesses for years, consumers have had low awareness of the risks for individual use. Consumer Reports’ Digital Lab found unnecessary permissions, insecure protocols, and poor security design in all five brands of the 90+ models of small

Consumer Reports’ Digital Lab Evaluates the Security and Privacy of VPNs Running on Windows 10

As a tech journalist, I’ve been looking into VPNs for a long time. When I joined Consumer Reports full-time in January, I was excited about digging in even deeper. Consumer Reports partnered with Digital Lab fellow professor Roya Ensafi and her team from the University of Michigan, using the VPNalyzer test suite they developed to screen 51 VPNs running on

Understanding the Android Open Source Project Supply Chain

Hi, I’m Julien Gamba, a PhD student at the IMDEA Networks Institute in Madrid (Spain). I am officially kicking off my project as a Digital Lab Fellow, working on making sense of the Android supply chain. The Android Open Source Project (AOSP) was first released by Google in 2008, and has since become the most used operating system with more