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How we’re thinking about the impact of your data rights requests

Managing your privacy is time-consuming. That’s the whole reason we started Permission Slip, a service to help consumers send data rights requests to hundreds of companies. We’re constantly trying to figure out how to help everyday people get the most out of any privacy action they choose to take.What action makes an impact?Privacy actions affect each person differently. In order

Opportunity: Customer Support, New Ventures

We’re seeking a customer support specialist to join Consumer Reports on a contract basis. This is a good opportunity for a mission-oriented professional who wants to experience a startup social enterprise, help bring experimental products to market, and help grow young products that show promise.Scope:You will be supporting Permission Slip and Upkept, two young products in CR’s New Ventures portfolio.As

An early look at how companies handle CCPA requests submitted by Authorized Agents

Under state laws like the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), consumers finally have a right to control what happens with their data. Under CCPA, consumers can enlist an authorized agent to help them exercise these rights, granting the agent authority to submit data requests to companies on their behalf. Consumer Reports believes privacy is a right all consumers deserve, and

Opportunity: Help CR design an IoT product labeling system

We’re looking for systems thinkers to help prototype and pilot a next-gen product labeling system. We’ll be filling contract and full-time roles starting this Fall. If you’re interested in working with CR on this, drop us a line at so we can explore how we might work together. In this note, we’re sharing some of our preliminary thinking to

Opportunity: Product Support

We’re seeking a product manager with technical expertise and a passion for privacy to join Consumer Reports on a contract basis. This is a good opportunity for a mission-oriented product professional who wants to experience a startup social enterprise and help bring an experimental product to market. Scope: You will be supporting Permission Slip, an experimental consumer product currently in

Identity Verification: Why it matters for consumer privacy (1 of 2)

When we get a driver’s license, start a job, open a bank account, or start some other thrilling administrative event, most of us know we need to bring some identification. We’re prepared for the small headache of providing phone numbers, maiden names, and digging up paper documents. This is identity verification, the process of proving that you are actually you.

Identity verification: flows we’ve seen in CCPA data requests (2 of 2)

Identity verification is a critical part of exercising most data rights. Are you requesting a copy of your purchase history, or did an identity thief make the request? In part one of this series, we defined identity verification, explained its role in privacy law, and summarized what California privacy regulation says about verification. In this post, we’ll highlight some of

Opportunity: Security Engineering Support – Data Rights Protocol

We’re seeking a security engineer with a passion for privacy to contract with the Digital Lab team. This is a remote consulting opportunity for a seasoned engineer who wants to work on an open standards project and cares about advancing digital rights in the United States.   Scope: You will be supporting the security development of the Data Rights Protocol.

Craig Newmark Philanthropies and Consumer Reports work to increase America’s cyber savvy

It’s been three years since CR launched the Digital Lab, with support from Craig Newmark Philanthropies and other generous donors. In that time, the Digital Lab has grown to 23 positions across CR, and we’re constantly innovating to protect and advance consumers’ interests. Today, we are announcing that Craig is doubling down on his support of CR, with a $5m

Lab notes: May 2022

Consumer Reports teams up with Craig Newmark Philanthropies to launch new cybersecurity initiative Earlier this year, Craig Newmark Philanthropies announced a $50m commitment to strengthen the nation’s cybersecurity. Today, CR announced a new $5m grant from Newmark to expand access to cybersecurity guidance and tools. The announcement marks three years since CR launched the Digital Lab, also with support from

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