In addition to product testing and investigations, we generate research and surveys to inform policymaking.​

Policy Research

See our position papers on a range of legislative and enforcement issues.


Future of Memory Safety: Challenges and Recommendations
P2P Payment Apps: A Case Study for a Digital Finance Standard


Broadband Pricing: What Consumer Reports Learned From 22,000 Internet Bills
Opening Black Boxes: Addressing Legal Barriers to Public Interest Algorithmic Auditing


The Case for Fair Market Rules for the Largest Online Platforms
Credit Not Due: The Limitations of Popular Credit Score Apps
The State of Authorized Agent Opt-Outs Under the California Consumer Privacy Act
Effects of Varying Education Level and Job Status on Online Auto Insurance Price Quotes
Evaluating the Privacy Practices of Mental Health Apps


California Consumer Privacy Act: Are Consumers' Digital Rights Protected?
Direct-to-Consumer Genetic Testing: The Law Must Protect Consumers’ Genetic Privacy
Collecting #Receipts: Food Delivery Apps & Fee Transparency
Understanding the Scope of Data Collection by Major Technology Platforms
The Evolution of Consumer Attitudes Toward Online Tracking, 1995-2019

Survey Research


Broadband Pricing: What Consumer Reports Learned from 22,000 Internet Bills
Consumer Cyber Readiness


Privacy Front and Center
Platform Perceptions: Consumer Attitudes on Competition
and Fairness in Online Platforms


Privacy Risk Benefit Survey
Data Privacy Habits Survey
Social Media Survey


Privacy Control vs. Ownership Survey
Social Media Survey
Medical Privacy Survey
Social Media and Privacy Survey


Net Neutrality Survey
Privacy and Net Neutrality Survey
Government and Consumer Issues Survey


Privacy Experiences and Attitudes Survey