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On Operating a Do Not Sell Authorized Agent Under CCPA

Consumer Reports became an authorized agent, submitted opt-out requests on behalf of California consumers — and learned a lot. [caption id="" align="aligncenter"]Image courtesy of Bronney Hui and OpenIDEO’s Cybersecurity Visuals Challenge[/caption] The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) is the nation’s first comprehensive commercial privacy law and it extends important new data rights to consumers. That said, it can take people an extraordinary

Opportunity: Research Assistant / R&D Program Support

NOTE: This position has been filled. However, research positions pop up frequently at the Lab and we’re always interested in hearing from talented researchers! Reach out and introduce yourself digitallab@cr.consumer.org. We’re seeking a researcher with great communication skills to join the Digital Lab team on a contract basis. This is a good opportunity for an early career technologist who wants

Opportunity: Design Futures for a “Consumer Data Co-op”

U.S. consumers have little control over the collection and sale of their personal data, which leads to profiling, manipulation, price discrimination and other practices that cut against consumers’ best interests. Regulations such as California’s CCPA and Europe’s GDPR introduce new data rights that seek to restore power to individuals, but also depend on consumers’ practical ability and motivation to exercise

Putting the CCPA into Practice: Piloting a CR Authorized Agent

Image courtesy of Afsal CMK and OpenIDEO’s Cybersecurity Visuals Challenge Consumer Reports wants to help consumers meaningfully exercise their data rights, which is why we’re exploring emergent, consumer-facing services now possible under the CCPA. This year the nation’s first comprehensive commercial privacy law, The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) went into effect. For the first time, California residents have the